PAK capture suite 2.0 - now available

An ideal solution for demanding tasks.

The new PAK capture suite 2.0 is now available. A host of new features includes PAK live data streaming, CANbus and ICM42S support, self-calibration, and much more.

Together even stronger – Data Streaming:

Combine PAK capture suite’s smart data acquisition with the comprehensive analysis portfolio of PAK 5.9 and increase your efficiency of measuring and analyzing. PAK live 2.0 now has, besides its recorder, an interface to stream throughput data, time histories, and CAN raw data online to the analysis tools of the PAK family. This interaction gives you a completely new way of working: you can quickly and easily record dynamic data while simultaneously processing it further online.

Seen in context – CAN Raw Data:

Digital bus data is recorded based on the ASAM ODS standard 5.3. Phenomenon-oriented data viewing becomes even more effective since all vehicle bus data is saved together with the measurement phenomena. Features, such as CAN AutoSensing and CAN Throughput diagrams, ensure an easy and intuitive operation.

Discover now all the new features: More details are available here or start the installation of PAK capture suite 2.0 directly. The App can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple® App-StoreSM or from the Google Play™ Store. With the established tool “PAK tunes“ users get the corresponding update packages of the current version. PAK capture 2.0 is compatible with all PAK versions from PAK 5.9 Service Release 1 onwards.

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