PAK 5.10

PAK 5.10 - The new main version

Just released ... PAK 5.10 and PAK family components

The new main version PAK 5.10 is available now together with the first components of the PAK family. With the first PAK cloud services, we integrate the powerful NVH application PAK 5.10 into the connected world of the PAK family. PAK 5.10 becomes an integral part of our modern, component-driven design. Users can apply the PAK cloud depot service for managing measurement data as well as access data streams from their measurement devices through the PAK cloud IO service.

Innovations in PAK 5.10.
New applications. New features. New capabilities when acquiring data.

  • Order based workflows
  • Drag-and-Drop in the Data Viewing
  • Interactive legends in the graphics
  • New applications: Combustion-Knocking-Index, Crank Angle Analysis with FIR filter, Rainflow-Matrix Evaluation, and Node-Diameter Evaluation
  • Support of new PAK MKII G2 features:

    • PTP synchronization
    • WWH-OBD CAN standard
    • 6 channel ICP® module
    • ALI42 G2 module with up to 819.2 kSa/s in voltage and WSB mode

  • Display of driving speed out of GPS data
  • Read-in of position and direction of a measurement channel out of the ASAM ODS ATF/X geometry

The PAK cloud services

The PAK cloud depot service offers functionalities for managing and accessing measurement data. While an instance of PAK 5.10 is running, the Solo Edition of the PAK cloud depot service enables one user the access to one depot on its PC. The license-free properties of the Solo Edition are limited to query and browse within one depot using a default web browser. Through the browser, the user can indicate descriptive data from a measurement and transfer selected measurements to PAK 5.10 for further processing and analysis.

With the PAK cloud IO service, measurement devices with PAK live technology stream continuously data. Multiple applications can access the data stream and subscribe to required signals on demand for their appropriate task – even in different applications at the same time. In this way, multiple testing tasks are addressed in parallel just with one measurement setup. By default, a free edition with 1 MByte/s data rate will be installed. PAK live is from now on included as standard in all PAK MKII G2 controller of the latest generation.

Of course, the PAK cloud services’ scope of functionality can be seamlessly extended. Please do not hesitate to contact your sales partner for further details.





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