Troubleshooting and mobile Measurements with ease

The PAK&GO is designed as a compact platform for quick and robust data acquisition, enhanced mobility when testing, and effortless graphical analysis right up to the presentation.

It is perfect for measurement tasks relating to shock, voltage, sound, acceleration, and pressure. Especially recommended for mobile measurements in the field as well as for troubleshooting, users quickly acquire the data for their engineering.

Packaged for optimal flexibility right from the start:

  • Configure your measurement, calibrate sensors and check signals on-site at the test candidate
  • Work in parallel on multiple devices and/or workstations
  • Record and stream raw time data and tacho pulses in ASAM ODS ATF/X format
  • Display data using a powerful FFT analysis
  • Interact with the data online and offline
  • Present your testing results interactively in Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Word


PAK MKII measurement frontend

  • 8 ch ICP®/Voltage - 24 bit @ 102.4 kSa/s
  • 2 ch Tacho @ 50 MHz
  • 128 GB SSD, WiFi, PTP (IEEE1588v2)

PAK 5.x software & VAS Graphics2Go

  • FFT analysis incl. 2D/3D spectra, overall level, coherence, statistical calculations, orders, nth octaves, etc.
  • Flexible online graphics
  • Share testing results as interactive report
  • Embed the report in PowerPoint® and Word

PAK capture

  • Intuitive operation of the PAK MKII frontend
  • Smart recording and continuous signal monitoring


  • Laptop & iPad
  • Backpack
  • Connector cables

The PAK&GO can easily be expanded with additional input modules and synchronized with other measurement frontends via PTP. PAK software can also be scaled: Users can add further analysis modules to build a comprehensive NVH suite.

Simply unpack and GO!

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