Aircraft Industry

Aircraft Industry

There are various vibroacoustic challenges for the engineers in the aircraft industry.

Interior Noise

The crew and passengers want to enjoy a comfortable flight. That is why the cabin should not have any disturbing noise or vibration. These are caused mainly by the airflow from the power trains.

Apart from the aircraft body shell, testing has to be done on the aircraft interior enclosure and interior equipment. To this end, not only intensity and sound power but also the sound pressure and psychoacoustic parameters caused by outside noise, are measured in a sound transmission testbench. Furthermore, Operation Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis and Impulse Hammer Measurements are performed often, to determine the vibration and transfer character of single components.

Exterior Noise

The exterior noise emission of an aircraft is also interesting. For example the stress levels for residents have to be minimized.

For this reason, measurements are taken during flyover to determine the sound power and the overall noise level. An array of microphones can be used for localizing the sound. In most cases, this sound localization will identify the jet engines as a dominant source, but other sound emitters will also be detected.

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