Automotive Suppliers

Automotive Suppliers

Today, a vast number of technical innovations have originated from the component supply industry, where components and subsystems are becoming increasingly complex, more efficient and have less impact on the environment. The noises and vibrations they produce play a decisive role here. The main sources of noise are the transmission system plus the motor induction and exhaust system, but other contributors to interior noise include ancillary power units, electrical drive units, insulation, windshield wipers, brakes and tires, to name only a few. They all have an impact on audio perception while driving. This audio perception can be simulated during the development stage of a vehicle by using special PAK applications.

Tough Demands on Measuring

At the same time, the parts supply industry faces increasingly tougher global competition, greater pressure on costing and pricing, as well as the more stringent technical specifications set by automotive OEMs. This is why the role that measuring systems utilize is becoming far more significant. They must:

  • perfectly support the workflows in development departments;
  • visualize test results quickly and efficiently; and last but not least
  • be approved and accepted by the automobile manufacturer.

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