The experience of riding on a motorcycle typically causes strong emotions because of the rider’s direct contact with the entire vehicle. The rider directly hears and feels the effect of the whole motorcycle. As well as the emotional element, however, motorcycles also have to fulfill increasingly greater expectations of safety and economic efficiency. Customers want a multifunctional motorcycle that can be made suitable for sporty and long-distance riding, as well as being comfortable, with different settings.

To satisfy these aspirations, a much greater effort also has to be made during NVH development. Airborne and structure-borne sound must always be recorded and analyzed in relation to all the parameter variables. In the development of motorcycles, another particular focus of attention is the mobile measuring systems.

PAK – the System Solution

PAK data acquisition systems offer easy-to-use solutions for these task definitions, ranging from robust data acquisition – even without the use of a PC – through to extensive online analyses at the testbench and the recording of all the control variables of the bus systems.

PAK provides special tools and solutions for purposes such as analyzing torsional vibrations and operation deflection shapes, as well as for conducting Pass By measurements. In the case of high-performance motorcycle engines, it is also equally important to be able to visualize and evaluate physical quantities relating to the crank angle position.

PAK is a system solution that has proved itself in the development environments of leading motorcycle manufacturers.

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