Rail Vehicles

Rail Vehicles

Trains have irrevocably established themselves in our travel behavior as a fast and comfortable means of transport. The high-speed rail routes of ICEs, TGVs and Shinkansen bullet trains connect cities. Even at a speed of 250 km/h, travelers on these high-speed trains have no problems at all with talking to one another, listening to music, or relaxing in their seats and watching the countryside rush by.

Suburban and underground rail systems carry millions of passengers every day. Reliability and robustness are just as important here as comfort.

Sample-synchronous Connection

Its modular design makes PAK a suitable instrument for measuring acoustics and vibrations. The systems distributed throughout the length of a train are sample-synchronously interconnected. Sometimes the operation deflection shape is important; at other times the right tool is modal analysis. Or it may be the interior acoustics – everything can be analyzed and documented with a PAK system!

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Idle Noise Measurement

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