Wind Power

Wind Power

The continually growing number of wind turbine generators (WTGs) means that the installations and residential areas are getting closer together, which is why sound emissions have to be kept as low as possible. WTGs are assessed by using a complex measurement process which is standardized in line with IEC 64100-11 and poses particularly demanding challenges to measuring engineers. These engineers have to take into account the external environmental factors as well as ambient and plant parameters and they may also need the ability to intervene flexibly in the measuring process so that they can record the requisite measurement data within short periods of time. The plant can then be assessed according to its:

  • Tonality;
  • Sound power; and
  • Third-octave levels.

Localizing Sound Sources

The assessment of the plant itself is significant in the development process, but it is also crucial to localize the sources of any interference noise. This can then be correlated with unfavorable events by recording further measurement quantities such as the rotational speed, acceleration and electrical power. The appropriate measures can then be taken to eliminate the sources of interference.

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