Research Institutes

Research Institutes

When investigating phenomena and developing new methods for analyzing signals, many areas of research (for example in the fields of acoustics, automotive engineering or construction physics) initially concentrate on the reliable and flexible data acquisition of various measurement quantities such as sound pressure, vibration, pressure, extension and temperature.

The recorded data then has to be processed in a second step. Here it is beneficial if the researchers can fall back on standard methods such as:

since these methods keep to a minimum the effort spent on using their own algorithms. The exchange of data between the proprietary development environment and the measuring system should be kept as open as possible.

Optimizing Workflows

Together with the open ASAM ODS format, PAK also allows data to be directly exported in the following formats:

  • MATLAB®,
  • Universal File TypE 58, and
  • ASCII.

External analyses can also be integrated in PAK for optimizing workflows as well as for creating standard graphic reports and analyses. This means the user does not need to export and import measurement data and can work in a familiar environment.

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