• Welcome

    Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme is one of the global market leaders for future-oriented, integrated solutions when acquiring, analyzing and managing dynamic data in the fields of acoustics, vibration and strength.

  • Our products

    We provide the tools that perform your vibroacoustic tasks. Our tailor-made system solutions consist of components which are universally usable. Due to its scalability, each component can be adapted to each workflow and on demand be enhanced for dedicated tasks.

  • Our markets

    We are partners with industry and academic bodies worldwide in the field of measurement technology. Our engineering expertise and competence focus on innovative solutions that integrate seamlessly in existing system environments for the measurement task.

  • Our services

    We support you comprehensively with a tailor-made system service, including integration and maintenance, versatile process optimizations and thorough measurement consulting.

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