PAK capture 2.2 now available

PAK capture 2.2 is live. The new version comprises the following features:

► Support of the ICS42 G2 6-channel ICP® modules

The 6-channel ICP® module provides 50% more channels compared to the ICP42 G2 module for vibration, acceleration, and pressure measurements, in both voltage and IEPE/ICP® modes. You can directly connect triaxial accelerometers to the two 9-pin Lemo connectors, each with 3 channels. In addition, all channels operate independently from each other, for example, for the connection of 6 microphones.

► Support of TEDS

With the integrated TEDS sensor information, you configure your measurements even quicker. Automated sensor settings, data interpretation as well as the acceptance of the correct measurement mode for triaxial sensors reduce the error susceptibility significantly.

► Support for synchronization to PTP master

PQ12/20/30 G2 controller of the newest generation support the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) according to IEEE 1588 v2. Measurement setups with multiple, distributed PAK MKII frontends or in combination with PTP-capable devices can be designed more comfortable. The synchronization is done via the Ethernet cable.

Get the new version! The App can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple® App-StoreSM and from the Google Play™ Store.

PAK capture 2.2 - Supporting ICS, TEDS, PTP

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