PAK capture Lab – More Features for smart Recording

The new PAK capture Lab version is now available. You can now experience new ways to record strain gauge and high-speed data using your mobile device and the WSB42 G2 or WSB42X G2 modules and the ALI42B G2.

► Examination of Fatigue Strength with Ease

With the PAK capture Lab, you examine effectively your fatigue testing now. The WSB42 G2 module acquires even smallest strains with best signal quality and enables the application of inductive displacement sensors (LVDT). By using the WSB42X G2 module, you can additionally supply ICP® sensors and measurement bridges with current.

The various applications for the strain gauge modules are configured interactively with your smart device. Inherent capabilities include: an automated calculation of the calibration factor through the set bridge configuration; a shunt calibration to check settings and/or to calibrate the entire measurement chain, an auto-range, and much more.

► Recording of high-speed time data

For high bandwidths as well as highly accurate evaluations in the time domain, the ALI42B G2 module is now your choice in the PAK capture Lab. The 2-channel high-speed module supports sampling rates of up to 819.2 kSa/s and bandwidths of 350 kHz.

► Get started

The new PAK capture Lab is a pre-release of the upcoming PAK capture suite 2.1. Benefit today from PAK capture Lab in your working environment with the opportunity to test and use all the new features and enhancements for smart testing with PAK capture suite 2.1.

The App can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple® App-StoreSM and from the Google Play™ Store. Via your PAK tunes installation, you can simply download the appropriate update packages of the firmware for your PAK MKII measurement frontend.

PAK capture lab 2.1

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