PAK pass-by 1.11 – This application is thinking smart

Engineering, type testing and COP for a variety of vehicle models and variants – a challenge for manufacturers and suppliers today. In addition, new legal requirements make exterior noise testing increasingly time consuming.

PAK pass-by is a tool that guides users efficiently through all evaluation tasks, measures intelligently and visualizes online results quickly. The throughput time per vehicle will be as short as possible.

Quality, efficiency, and timeliness distinguish PAK pass-by. All essential standards are embedded in their latest version and corresponding supplements. AVAS measurements for quiet cars as well as the standards UN-ECE R51.03, UN-ECE R41.04, ASEP, UN-ECE R138, UN-ECE R117, PIEK, TRIAS, US CFR40, US CFR49 are just a few of the features that the application supports – in multi-session operation.

The latest version 1.11 supports the recent versions of both standards PIEK 2010 (2015) and UN-ECE R51.03 ASEP (Release 3). Users benefit from a strong workflow orientation. Thus, when processing the ASEP for example, the values of the runs from annex 3 can be loaded automatically for the calculation of the values according to annex 7. In addition, the following standards have been updated and enhanced by new features: UN-ECE R51.03 Revision 3 Supplement 2 or 3 (car) with integrated evaluation according to the Korean “MOE-NOT.99-88 (2016) III“ regulation, UN-ECE R41.04 and UN-ECE R41.04 ASEP, UN-ECE R138 (QRTV), US CFR49 Part 571.141 (FMVSS 141), and UN-ECE R51.02.

PAK pass-by 1.11 also improves the measurement quality further. When using speed sensors with delay, this can now be compensated. The integrated self-calibration guarantees the optimum accuracy of the measurement system in relation to the current environmental conditions.

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