PAK pass-by 1.7 – All standards available

With the new version, we are pushing ahead with the expansion of the standard implementation of all standards. Users can also apply the following standards

  • UNECE-R51.03 Revision 3 Supplement 1 (M1, M2<3500kg, N1)
  • TRIAS 30-J039-01 and 30-J040-01 (L3, M1, N1)
  • PIEK 2010 nach MON-RPT-2010-00466 (braking) (trucks)
  • GB 1495-2002 (M1-M3, N1-N3)
  • Open Pass-by (measurement session without regulation)

for their exterior noise test campaigns. PAK pass-by can therefore be used uniformly throughout the world for the testing of all vehicle classes and types.

In addition, the standards have been extended for interactive-switchable level correction of Lmax; and the graphical output has been made more user-friendly.

PAK pass-by

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