PAK pass-by 1.8: Now also applicable for electric vehicles

Managing testing efficiently is nowadays a prerequisite across the entire product life cycle process. PAK pass-by enables a thorough execution of type approvals and COP measurements for almost all vehicle types and classes and supports the successful implementation of development measures by comprehensive evaluations.

The new PAK pass-by version 1.8 convinces with many new functions and enhancements for the standard implementations. Users are even better supported in their interactive workflow.

In particular, users are with version 1.8 now able to apply all current standards in the current versions for conventional vehicles as well as the highly complex requirements of the UNECE-R138 for Quiet Cars. The further integrated open standard allows for higher-level data collection in the context of development processes. The extensions in the functional scope of the standard implementations guarantee sustainable cross-functionality and address the increasing legal requirements in the long-term.

The new additional information in the channel settings, which also support Unicode characters, as well as the automatic WLAN reconnection (analog to the PC-based application), when using the Pass-By-App, provide further improvements for an even easier and more intuitive working.

PAK pass-by is now also capable to support multi languages. Default languages are German, English, and Japanese.

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