PAK pass-by 2.0.

PAK pass-by is an application, which has been designed for the indoor and outdoor exterior noise evaluation. Thus, it enables an efficient utilization of both test bench and test track resources. Based on PAK pass-by 1.1, we optimized and enhanced the new application PAK pass-by 2.0 for the simulated pass-by. As part of the PAK family, it unites various components ranging from PAK scope via PAK cloud IO service up to PAK capture, which can be added optionally according to customer requirements.

The simultaneous functioning of different components in real time sets standards. The integration of multiple current norms and the direct access to the norm parameters in the application set the path.


Orders can be created directly in PAK pass-by 2.0 through the PAK ODS order editor, so that the measurement responsible just can take over the orders and enrich them on demand with further data required for norm fulfillment and vehicle description. With the orders, measurement rows are created and the measurement can be executed promptly. All results are immediately available to the tester.


Order, descriptive model, and measurement data are summarized at one place and saved in ASAM ODS ATF/X format for an easy further processing. Orders can not only be created in the PAK pass-by application by the PAK ODS order editor but also by external systems, such as openMDMTM tools. To analyze the run, there is the integrated TIPS (Time Interpolated Passby Simulation) application available. TIPS calculate a new time signal by overlaying the individual microphone time signals by using position and speed information.


  • Efficiency when testing
  • Standardized working processes
  • A broad range of supported norms
  • High quality measurement data

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