Powerful. PAK pass-by 1.10

The new PAK by-pass application 1.10 provides users with even more standard implementations. As standards had been added:

  • UN-ECE R138 "Test Bench and Simulation"
  • Freely-configurable idle noise and horn measurement

In addition, various standards had been updated in accordance with changed legal standards. This includes the standard implementations:

  • UN-ECE R51.03 Revision 3 Supplement 1/3 (car)
  • US CFR 49 Part 571.141 (FMVSS141) Minimum requirements for hybrid and electric vehicles (CFR49P571.141)
  • UN-ECE R138
  • UN-ECE R41.04
  • UN-ECE R41.04 ASEP
  • Idle Noise Measurement
  • UN-ECE R51.02
  • Open Pass-by

With PAK pass-by, users are always up-to-date and test their vehicles according to the current requirements.

PAK pass-by

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