Calibration Calendar

Calibration Calendar

The next calibration session in Planegg will take place from February 11th until February 22nd, 2019.

If you want to participate in a calibration session, we ask you please to provide us with the web-read of the PAK MKII to be calibrated, including the serial number of the chassis until December 14th, 2018. In case the serial number cannot be read, you have an option to provide us with the name of the PAK MKII system that you use internally, if this is available on the respective chassis.

After data synchronization, you will receive our offer promptly. Please send a written order until January 21st, 2019 so that we can plan the calibration session optimally. Then the special due date will be clarified individually. In addition, we recommend you should please make sure that we receive the system to be calibrated here, 2 to 3 days before the due date, and request that you should not postpone the calibration.

For any other calibration outside the campaign please submit your written order prior to sending the hardware.

DAKKS or DKD accredited calibration services require a special arrangement.

You may contact us concerning your calibration online. Please do not hesitate to contact the PAK hotline for any further questions regarding the calibration at +49 89 85602-440.

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