On the basis of our long-standing experience in the field of customer collaboration, we developed the hotline service package and matched it to our customers' specific requirements. This is why this service is one of the main pillars of our support portfolio. Our target is the rapid and targeted support of users to ensure smooth measuring processes and maximum operational reliability. The hotline service offers an efficient basic service for uninterrupted operations.


Besides the PAK software and the PAK MKII hardware, a measuring system also includes other components, for example the sensor technology, PSs, the network, virus scanners and firewalls. Our hotline will support the contact person in localizing the actual reason for the bug by means of targeted questions.

Customer Support Hotline

The customer support hotline provides a direct contact to our hotline service team of highly qualified experts. Our personnel members are specifically trained in, and offer comprehensive know-how about applications and tasks in the field of measuring technology and signal analysis.

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