Our Support Engineers are on hand for you after you have made your purchase. They will test the hardware, integrate the PAK measuring and analysis systems and set them up at the customer’s site. Since our engineers are familiar with each system environment, they can ensure that your system is optimally maintained.


To suit your specific needs as a customer, we offer a choice of two options:

  • Update Service: update services
  • Hotline Service: update services + hotline services

These two options give a high degree of flexibility. Each package has specific benefits you can take advantage of, depending on your particular requirements.

Hardware Maintenance

To complement our hotline, we offer a hardware maintenance agreement specifically for PAK MKII users. This enables users to receive a detailed system diagnosis from our hotline each time an error message is generated. If required, we will perform any hardware repairs at our facilities. Upon review, an express exchange option is available for the hardware listed in the maintenance agreement. Database support allows speedy processing and effective repair processes and therefore enhances the availability of the system.

With a flat annual subscription you obtain a guarantee for a running system, making you able to work again in the least possible time. This ensures constant quality. A calibration service rounds off our hardware maintenance offering.

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