Repair and Return

Repair and Return

Although we endeavor to ensure the highest possible quality reliability in the development and production of the PAK MKII hardware, components can age over time and might become faulty.

Repair by Replacement

Repairs of PAK MKII components are carried out by the manufacturer. In order to spare you the waiting time until repair, we introduced "repair by replacement" as a standard proceeding. With this approach, we replace the defective module with a module of the same properties.

We are convinced that this standard proceeding gives our customers the quickest possibility for resuming their measuring processes. Of course, you also have the option of having the defective hardware repaired without replacement.

In addition, we offer advance replacement so that you can resume your measuring processes as soon as possible in particularly urgent cases. With this option, we immediately deliver a replacement PAK MKII component for the component which is thought to be defective within the scope of the remote diagnostics carried out by the PAK Hotline.

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