Courses and Seminars


We offer courses for a maximum of 8 participants so that we can ensure individual assistance and supervision. Comprehensive documentation for each course will be provided, for reworking and in-depth repetition of training topics. All participants receive a certificate, which lists all training topics.

All full-day training courses in Planegg usually start at 9:00 and end at 17:00 h. On request, we also run courses at your site. Our trainers will train you on your PAK systems. In the case the requested course is not listed in the calendar, you might contact our trainers to schedule an appointment for your desired training.

A list of training courses which can be offered is given below.

Introduction to Data Acquisition and Analysis

Basics of measurement technology
Functioning and applications of various sensors for acquiring sound pressure, acceleration and speed

PAK Basic Course
Basic knowledge about measurement and data analysis with PAK systems

PAK Advanced Course
Extended knowledge of measurement data acquisition and analysis

Basics of NVH signal analysis
Basic knowledge about digital signal acquisition and evaluation

Advanced course NVH signal analysis
Extendedknowledge of NVH signal analysis

Further Courses for your Scope of Duties

Exterior Noise Analysis
Introduction to the evaluation of external noise with the PAK pass-by application.

Listening in and modification of measurement data
Basic knowledge about listening into measurement data and the identification/modification of orders

Analysis of Measurement Data wit PAK Arithmetic
Basic knowledge for additional calculation of measurement data

Analysis of rotating systems
Basic knowledge, high-resolution tacho inputs, torsional vibration analysis

Analysis of transient signals
Evaluation of impulse-like excitation in the frequency domain by short-time-analysis methods

Transfer Path Analysis
Determination of transfer paths of complex structures and transfer functions

Impact Hammer and Shaker Measurement
Basics for eigenfrequency evaluation and for the experimental modal analysis (EMA)

Operational Deflection Shape Analysis
Prerequisites and execution methods, guided examples

Sound Localization Analysis
Determination and evaluation of sound power from an intensity measurement

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